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For contact or mailorder please write to

PF 200211
01192 Dresden

or to


Darkwood "Ins dunkle Land" red LP+7inch (soon)
Darkwood "Ins dunkle Land" black LP+7inch (soon)
Darkwood "Flammenlieder" MC (12.00 EUR)
Darkwood "Twilight Garden" LP (18.00 EUR)
Darkwood "Twilight Garden" CD (12.50 EUR)
Darkwood "Flammenlieder" CD (12.50 EUR)
Darkwood "Schicksalsfahrt" CD (12.50 EUR)
Darkwood "Ins dunkle Land" CD (12.50 EUR)
Darkwood "Weltenwende" CD (12.50 EUR)
In Ruin "Hallow" CD (12.50 EUR)
In Ruin "A Ghost to be Forgotten" CD (12.50 EUR)


Short-sleeved Pilot Shirt with embroidered Darkwood lettering on left breast pocket (25.00 EUR)
Shoulder Bag with embroidered Darkwood lettering (25.00 EUR)

(The prices given above are exluding postage.)

Price list for EU/US orders including shipment:
1 CD - 16.00 EUR/USD
2 CDs - 30.00 EUR/USD
3 CDs - 43.00 EUR/USD