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25th September 2021 - A nice report of the NCN Festival and some pictures can be found at Monkeypress.

30th August 2021 - In September this year, DARKWOOD will be playing for the very first time at the NCN Festival taking place near Leipzig.

7th May 2021 - The DARKWOOD tape "Flammenlieder" is now available.

5th April 2021 - In a few weeks, we will get some copies of the limited tape release of "Flammenlieder".

27th January 2021 - In February this year, there will be a limited tape release of "Flammenlieder" produced by the Canadian black metal label Les Fleurs du Mal Productions.

25th November 2020 - DARKWOOD will be headlining the Schwarzes Lohm - Neo Folk Festival in August next year.

13th November 2020 - The limited LP including 7inch of "Ins dunkle Land" will presumably be released in Summer 2021 on Lichterklang.

1st October 2020 - We have added a Shoulder Bag with embroidered DARKWOOD lettering to our merchandise section.

14th August 2020 - The new DARKWOOD album "Twilight Garden" is now available as CD and LP.

15th May 2020 - The In Ruin CD "Hallow" is now available.