The wilderness outside the cities has often been a place where man can rediscover himself, free of the mediation of the human world. Darkwood draws strength from these secret places, remembering their ancestors, the cycles of the year, the great works of the Germanic peoples, romantic poetry, pagan nature mysticism, and the tragedies of the 20th century.

Heart of France

For the concert in Prague, we will bring a new 7inch entitled Heart of France containing the title track and an exclusive German track.


We have added a new Darkwood patch and T-shirts and girly-shirts in all sizes to Bandcamp.


On 15th March 2024, Darkwood will also be playing a solo show in Lima/Peru which is their first concert in South America.

A Crimson Day of Glory

On 14th June 2024, Darkwood will be playing in Prague together with Spiritual Front.